Cultural history
Issue date
May 2024
Limited edition of
1 250 units
Quality of minted coins
Place of minting
Royal Dutch Mint
Gold 999 - 1/10 Oz - 3,11 gr

The gold coin issued in 2024 is dedicated to the “Deiwelselter” (Devil’s Altar), majestically perched on the heights of the picturesque town of Diekirch. This impressive monument, which was once a burial site, embodies Diekirch’s historic heritage and is a symbol of the town. The “Deiwelselter”, built on a 4000-year-old dolmen, bears witness to the long history of the region. Originally used as a tomb, as evidenced by the remains of two human skeletons found on the site, this incredible structure was rebuilt in 1892 using massive stones found on site, becoming an emblematic symbol of Diekirch. Our 2024 gold coin pays tribute to this historic treasure, with a representation of the “Deiwelselter” on its obverse.

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